Top 10 car racing games for android phones (full list)

Top 10 car racing games for android phones (full list)

Of course, users’ tastes and interests differ, there are those who are interested in battle royale games such as PUBG, COD and Fortnite, and there are those who are interested in strategic games such as Leg of legend.

There is also another big segment that is fond of cars and racing games as it has a high level of excitement and suspense and is suitable for all ages such as youngsters and kids in particular.

We show you the best collection of car racing games for different age groups, whether you love high graphics or medium graphics or even you love to play online, here are many choices in this article.

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Top 10 Car Racing Games

The Google Play Store is full of many racing games and cars of different types, including paid and free ones, so it may be difficult for you to choose.

First: 9 Asphalt

We start talking about one of the best car games for Android phones ever and Editors’ Choice for the best games of 2020 on the Play Store and the most profitable asphalt 9.

The game is a major development of the previous version, Asphalt 8: airborne, which achieved unparalleled success and has been the main racing game for most of the Android phone users for a long time.

The new version of Asphalt 9 provides many powerful cars with different racing tracks to suit all tastes and has very high graphics, so you must run it on a powerful phone so that you get a complete enjoyable experience.

Download it for Android phones from here

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Need for Speed: No Limits

If you’re really into cars and racing games, you’ve surely heard of Need for Speed ​​in any way, and the NFS series of games is one of the most popular.

Its presence is not limited to Android phones only, but includes all platforms such as PC, PS4 and PS5 in addition to Xbox.

NFS: No Limits offers an amazing experience that combines excitement and difficulty and of course we will not forget the police cars that will chase you wherever you go, and it is worth noting that the game has many versions on the Play Store such as NFS: New Speed ​​Car and NFS: Most Wanted, but the latter is paid.

Download it for Android phones from here

Third: CSR Racing 2

We now move on to one of the most successful racing games ever and also chosen by Google Play editors, CSR Racing 2.

Globally, CSR Racing 2 has achieved more than 10 million downloads, and it’s not out of the blue. It offers a great experience for speed lovers and tests your full vehicle control and your ability to outsmart all competitors.

CSR Racing 2 offers more than 100 cars of different classes with their ability to be modified, and apart from the single-player mode you can play in multiplayer with your friends or even play online with other competitors.

Download CSR Racing 2 from here

Fourth: Real Racing 3

We continue to feature Google Play editors’ picks and offer you one of the most powerful racing games ever, which has had a great launch and impressive successes, just like Asphalt 8, and the game is still one of the best on the scene today, despite its launch more than 4 years ago.

Real Racing 3 offers a unique experience that is completely realistic with different viewing angles that make you feel like you are behind the wheel of a real car.

The game also offers many different and powerful racing episodes, so honestly, you will never regret downloading this game.

Download Real Racing 3 for Android phones

Drift Racing 2

Another great game that offers a unique experience for all fans of “drifts”, it provides a dedicated hand break button to allow you to do all the fun dangerous turns.

The game also provides you with powerful modified cars with different race tracks in terms of length, width, surrounding environment, and more.

Download it from here

Sixth: Forza Street 2020

The game is based on a simulation of illegal car racing on the streets of the USA.

This game provides an easy, simple and uncomplicated control method where you do not control the steering wheel completely, but rather press the fuel piston and the brakes to avoid collision and reach your destination before everyone else.

What distinguishes Forza Street 2020 is that it holds licenses from major global auto companies such as Porsche, BMW, Dodge, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and others to represent the cars and parts used in a more realistic way and get a realistic experience.

Download Forza Street for Android phones

Drag Racing

Your phone is average and you need a fun and interesting game? No problem, we have Drag Racing.

The game offers a slightly different style from its predecessors, as it is two-dimensional and does not aim to control the car or maintain it steadily, but you need to control the speed of the car and slow it down and avoid the existing obstacles in addition to definitely overtaking the opponent, the game gives you manual control of the gear in addition to the presence of modern famous cars.

Download Drag Racing for Android phones

Eighth: Dr Driving

A very popular game among Android phone users and has been around for a very long time on the Play Store and carries great memories for the old users.

Dr Driving is not only important for providing entertainment and wasting time, but frankly it will help you learn to drive a lot and can be the cornerstone of your real driving education.

The game provides different modes such as skipping, speeding, drifting, parking, truck driving without brakes, and on highways without turns. The game also provides 30 cars that can be owned or rented through the coins earned during the game.

The game is not limited to offline mode without the Internet, but you can compete with your friends and play online through the Internet.

Download Dr Driving from here

Hill Climb Racing 2

From now on, the upcoming games will be more dedicated to children and young adults, and of course we cannot mention that and neglect the famous game Hill Climb Racing 2.

Hill Climb Racing 2 although it has simple and light graphics that is suitable for children, but it has been liked by a very large segment of users for its different experience.

In the game, you pass dozens of different stages and all the coins to buy new cars or upgrade your different cars and provide them with many interesting and interesting accessories.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing

With more than 100 million downloads as the most downloaded and used game in our list, we offer you “Beach Buggy Racing” and this game is similar to the famous Crash game.

Beach Buggy Racing includes different weapons with which you can beat opponents and outsmart them or trap them in various traps.

The game includes a lot of other features with multiple characters and different cars. It also includes race tracks of different modes, including night and day. It can also be run on weak and medium devices smoothly and without any problems.

Pregnancy Games Beach Buggy Racing

These were the top 10 car racing games for most smartphones, whether you are a fan of high, medium or even low graphics, to go with most smartphones in 2021.

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