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WhatsApp Mix APK is known as one of a popular mod of WhatsApp. Like the name, it’s a mixup of different WhatsApp mods like GBWA, YoWA, FMWA. Here the mixup is mentioned for features. Other popular WhatsApp mods features are provided in one app and that’s WhatsApp Mix.

Read this article if you want to know about WhatsApp Mix, why you should use it, APK Information, WA Mix features, and other info. By the end of this article, you will get enough info regarding WA Mix MOD APK. Also, if you like using these mods, visit our website because you can find working mod APKs of WhatsApp and Instagram easily.

Why use WhatsApp Mix APK?

As we know, in the world of social media, we need to share photos, videos and messages and hence we have an instant messaging application, WhatsApp. Though, there are so many lower number of features it provide. That’s why we have different mods of WhatsApp which provides so many advanced features which will never be available in the original one.

But then we have so many questions that which WA MOD should we download in our device, hence a new mod is arrived, known as WhatsApp Mix. It’s the mixture of features which are available in different WA Mods. It makes easy for us to use all those features at a single place. That’s why you should use WhatsApp Mix APK if you are fond of using these mods.

WhatsApp Mix APK Info

APK NameWhatsApp Mix
APK Version8.30
Required Android
TypeWhatsApp Mods
DeveloperNairo Mix
Last Updated1 day ago

Features of WhatsApp Mix APK

WhatsApp Mix APK has many features which can be found in WA mods like GBWA, YoWA and other popular WA mods. These features are:

  • Multimedia files can now be sent on a large scale.
  • Better privacy and security features are added which you can find in detail down below this article.
  • You can backup as well as restore the data from device to device.
  • Anti-ban features are now added.
  • Hide last seen, online status and many more.
  • Status length increased up to 200+ words.
  • Download status and stories of friends.
  • Customization of icons is now possible.
  • WhatsApp Groups features modification.
  • Send larger video files as well as images.
  • Forwarded messages will not show the tag ‘forwarded’.
  • Themes can now be downloaded from the new themes server.
  • Other features yet to arrive.

Download WhatsApp Mix APK Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Mix APK Latest Version by tapping on the download button. On our website, you can find other mod APKs also. You may visit us for downloading mods related to WhatsApp and Instagram. We provide updated APKs and bring the updates as soon as possible.

What’s New in the Latest Version

In the latest version of WhatsApp Mix, you can get a smooth experience compared to old versions. Also, you will get the latest features which are:

  • Now you are able to add Instagram stories to your WhatsApp.
  • New themes and sticker packs can now be downloaded.
  • Smooth experience and bugs are now fixed from the older versions.
  • Customization of User Interface like conversation bubbles, notifications icons and other icons is now possible.
  • More features like new effects, inbuilt locker, anti-revoke feature etc. are to arrive in the upcoming updates of WhatsApp Mix.

WhatsApp Mix APK features in detailed



WhatsApp Mix serves many features regarding Multimedia. Using it, we can share the larger video as well as audio files. High quality 50+ images can be sent at a time in it which is not available in official WhatsApp version. Using WhatsApp Mix will give you better options to share files with friends and family. These features are also available in other WA mods, like GBWA, FMWA etc.

Privacy and security

Privacy and Security

In WhatsApp Mix Latest Version APK, you will get the Anti-ban security system. With the help of it, your account will not be banned. Also, many privacy features are also available which will help you to enjoy it. The features are:

  • Hide your online status, writing and recording status.
  • Hide second tick & blue tick.
  • New privacy options available like freeze last seen, change active time and much more.



Customization in User Interface can be done in WhatsApp Mix MOD APK. One can customize icons, conversation bubbles, font etc. All these can be done on a smaller scale as compared to WhatsApp Aero & NSWhatsApp MOD APK. Not only customization but we have some other features also in WA Mix which can be really helpful.

Forward Tag

Forward tag

One of the worst thing in WhatsApp is “forward tag.” This can become a problem for many people. That’s why using WhatsApp MODS like WA Mix, YoWa, GBWA, can solve their problems. In these MODS, you will get a feature which can disable the “forward tag” while forwarding messages to our WA contacts which is very helpful.

WhatsApp status, themes, stickers and much more

WhatsApp status, stickers

In WhatsApp Mix MOD APK, you are able to download others WA status by tapping on them as well as you can add some more characters in your WA status (250). Also, there is a unique server to download new themes & sticker packs which makes WhatsApp Mix a more advanced MOD. You can make your own theme and as well as you can use it.

Other features

Other features

Other features include:

  • Backup & restore
  • Inbuilt locker (fingerprint)
  • Anti-revoke feature
  • Message scheduler
  • Much more

Backup & restore is a very popular feature of WhatsApp which is now available on WA Mix too. You can make a backup and restore your data. WhatsApp Mix latest update supports the inbuilt locker feature with which you will be able to lock your chats with your fingerprint as well as with a pin.

Anti-revoke feature is an advanced feature with which we are able to see a “permanently deleted” message as well as the status of our contact list. This feature is very advanced but it’s recommended to use this feature on a lower scale because it harms to policies of the Official WhatsApp and you may be banned using this feature.

Message scheduler is a great feature with which you can send messages to your WA contact list even if you are not available at that time. All you have to do is, just set time, date and message and to whom have to send. Also, you need to be connected to the internet while using this feature. Unless it won’t work.

Installation guide for WhatsApp Mix APK

To install WhatsApp Mix, follow our simple guide which will help you in installing the APK safely.

Firstly, complete downloading the APK and go to your device setting. Enable installation from the unknown sources so that you can properly install the APK. Remember, WhatsApp Mix is not available on the Appstore and developed by the third-party developers. Follow this to enable installation from an unknown source: Device setting>Security>Permissions>Unknown source installation>Enable

Secondly, go to the download folder, and find WhatsApp Mix APK, open it and tap on install. Wait until the installation completes. Now, it’s finished. Open WhatsApp Mix, and sign up your account. If you already have an account, then you can choose to restore data.

Enjoy all the latest features regarding multimedia, privacy & security and more. Read the article below to not get missed about any information. Also, if you have a problem regarding WhatsApp Mix APK, just leave a comment down below. We will try to reach you as soon as possible to solve your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Mix APK

What are the uses of WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?

WhatsApp Mix has many uses in day-to-day life. We can share large files including videos, audios and images. Images can be sent in high quality unlike in the official WhatsApp. Other features like ‘hiding status, blue tick, delivered tick, writing status etc.’ can be done with WhatsApp Mix MOD APK. Read our article to know other uses of WhatsApp Mix.

WhatsApp Mix APK is safe, will I be banned?

We provide the safe applications to our users which are free from viruses and other harmful things. WhatsApp Mix MOD APK is safe. Also, you won’t be banned using it, unlike some WA mods because of its better security options. Even it’s advised to use a temporary number using WhatsApp Mix APK.

How to update WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?

Visit our website to get the latest updates of WhatsApp as well as Instagram MOD APKs. We keep updating our mods to provide you all with a smooth and new experience. If you find any problems regarding our MODS, don’t hesitate to comment down below. Because you all matter most to us.

Can I install WhatsApp Mix APK in my device?

To install WhatsApp Mix MOD APK, you need an Android device with at least 4.1+ Android version. Also, you need an internet connection to use it as the Official WhatsApp. WhatsApp Mix is not currently available for iOS devices.

Why I am not able to open WhatsApp Mix MOD APK?

There must be a bug in your MOD APK or in its server. Make sure you visit our website to check if you have the latest update or not. If you don’t, update your WhatsApp Mix APK and still, you get the error opening it, then you should try to restart your device. Also, it’s necessary to install WhatsApp Mix MOD only in Android devices which have 4.1+ Android version.

Final Verdict

In this article, you have read about WhatsApp Mix APK which is a popular mod of WhatsApp. It has cool features like other WhatsApp mods. Also, it provides better security than most of the WA MODs. You can customize, share larger files, download the latest themes and sticker packs from the server, and much more. So what do you think about it? Download WhatsApp Mix APK Latest Version now to get exciting privacy features which will never be available in the Official WhatsApp.