WhatsApp Group Links (Hourly Updates) | Join, Share, Submit  2020

WhatsApp Group Links (Hourly Updates) | Join, Share, Submit 2021

Latest WhatsApp Group Link collection: So you are bored with your everyday Whatsapp Group? Wanna try something new? Or maybe you are looking to make some new friends and want to have conversations with them? If yes, then you are probably in the right place. Whatsapp group has always been on fun corners. Since groups have been introduced, we have been creating and joining tons of Whatsapp groups each is made for different purposes. Today we have brought you the latest and Updated Whatsapp group link which might become useful for you.

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Whatsapp recently introduced a new feature, with the help of it, anyone can join any group with the help of the Whatsapp group invite link. The admin of the group must generate a link that will be unique for its group and then it can be shared with everyone. Whoever wants to join the group may click on the Whatsapp group link and can directly join without the permission of admin. This doesn’t even require the admin to save the contact of the new upcoming person to the group. These Whatsapp group links make things easy for the people who might seek interest in any particular group.

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So without wasting any further time, lets just come to the point. For your ease and comfort, we are providing all the categories of the Whatsapp group join with their links. The categories consist of tech-related, friendship, cricket, movies, motivation, jokes, adult, music lovers, Shayari, love, Android-related and general knowledge groups. There’s something for everything. Go through all the categories and join as much as many as groups you can, there are no limits. For more such awesome stuff check out other articles too.

All the Whatsapp groups took a lot of time to collect them from different sources of internet and communities, so we suggest that you check all these and try to find the suitable group you are looking for. Some people are tech geeks who always look for gadgets and upcoming technologies. While some of you might be the movie lovers who love to watch different types of movies and are in the search of such the Whatsapp group. For your ease, we have categorized s different groups and each category is provided with respected Whatsapp group invite links. So, let’s check them out one by one.

Whatsapp Group Links For Specific Categories

Now, finally, its time to share with you Whatsapp Group invite links. We have provided Group invite links with respect to their specific criteria. We have received lots of comments regarding the group space. So this time, We came up with all new WhatsApp group number links as the old Groups got filled completely, so we had to look for more latest group links. Groups provided here are mostly empty and you can easily join one of them by simply clicking on the links. Joining the group and participating in the conversation is an absolutely fun thing. So be ready to make new friends, check out all these WhatsApp group number links.

Tech-Related Whatsapp Group Links

whatsapp group link tech

These WhatsApp groups are supposed to be joined by all the techies out there. Chances might be that you are a smartphone geek or maybe you are PC geek. Our WhatsApp group links cover all the areas. When it comes to the tech field, there are Verity of categories come into consideration. You will find groups related to PC build, computer accessories, mobile software and hardware related stuff and much more. You will also get suggested by techies in the purchase of the latest mobile phone and you can have a conversation with people who are also looking for review and suggestions. Check out all these group links and see which group fits perfectly for you.

Friendship Whatsapp Group Links

whatsapp group link friends

Who doesn’t want to make new friends? Well, all of us are not that open with strange people and don’t have any interest to chat with them. But there are some people who never stop making new friends and they are always ready to make conversation with new people around the country or maybe from a different country. So, if you are one of them, these WhatsApp group links might help you in this case. We have collected a large number of Whatsapp groups for your hunger for making new friends. Share your experience, discuss any topic you want and let the fun never end. Check out all these Whatsapp groups join links.

Cricket And Sports Related Whatsapp Group Links

whatsapp group link sports

We all love to play as well as watch cricket, don’t we? These WhatsApp groups are dedicated to those who love cricket and want to get updated with ongoing cricket matches and scores. We have also provided with the groups created for other sports like football, hockey, and volleyball. There is always something to discuss in the group about upcoming tournaments, world cup and more, you will get all the sport related things in one place so why going anywhere else. You can also get short sports videos of various kinds of sports and the best moment in the groups. Discuss after the match, what went wrong and how it can become better with fellow sports lovers out there. Try all the Groups and have fun, check following WhatsApp group links.

Latest Movies Whatsapp Group Links

WhatsApp group link movie

Now, this category is for movie lovers who don’t miss a single chance to watch any upcoming movies. Same goes with the people who are addicted to thrilling web series and podcasts of their favourite tutor. There are tons of groups available here to join and receive download links of latest movies and upcoming shows. All these links will be made available to you via the Whatsapp group admins in low, medium and high definition quality. These links also come with IMDB ratings with the help of it you can guess whether a particular movie or web series is good or not. Also, you can always ask for the old movie links which you are looking for. In the group, there will be a lot of people who are interested in new movies as you so you can also discuss new movies that are going to release and also you can share your favourite movies and web series. So, go ahead and check out all these WhatsApp group links given below for the entertainment lovers.

Exams, Study & GK Groups Join

whatsapp group link gk

There are some people who have isolated themselves from an entertainment world and got involved themselves in the studies to crack some of the toughest exams to crack in India. These exams need preparation not only of technical knowledge but also the general knowledge. We have found some of the groups and provided below their WhatsApp group link from which you can get knowledge from the root. It may involve knowledge related to scientific, geographic, political historical and cultural branches. This will surely help you out for the preparation of India’s toughest exams. Also, there might be some people in the group who might be attempting such exams, so it is better to have a chit chat with them ask them regarding this field, they surely might help you. Join now and be the part of one of these Whatsapp groups through the given links.

Music songs Whatsapp Group Link

Who doesn’t love music, I mean we all do love music and most of us even can’t even live without it. There’s famous saying that “when words fail, music speaks.” This is very true and I myself can relate to this. 80% of people love to hear music on their devices. Music is our best partner when there’s nobody around us or when we are not in the mood, we listen to music and relieve our stresses. Believe it or not, music is the best stress buster thing and it makes us forget all the bad things and keeps us uplifted whenever we feel low. So to pursue the passion of music there are lots of music lovers out there who have created dedicated WhatsApp groups.

whatsapp group link music

In these groups, you will get high-quality audio files of one of the finest singers in the world with their lyrics too. Some might be a fan of old singers like Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, etc. Or some might be the fan of the new generation hip hop style singers like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, etc and some Indian singers like Badshah, Mika Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh, etc. And how we can forget about evergreen pop songs of Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam and much more. Dive into the world of music and make yourself free from all the worries. Try these WhatsApp group links now.

Shayari And Love Related Whatsapp Group Links

whatsapp group link love

These groups are made for those who are fond of Shayari and want to get in a relationship with strange people. Such groups are created to meet new people around the world so they can know each other and if they get lucky they might come in a relationship with each other. Here, you will get Shayaris, Gazals and lots of love stories. Be ready to meet new people, you might also get in a relationship too. These groups are no less than a matrimonial site where two people can have a conversation with each other and can become each other’s life partner with the help of these WhatsApp groups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get my Whatsapp Group Link?

You can generate your own Whatsapp group link by simply clicking on the group name tab, then scroll down a little bit, there you will see an option called “Invite via the link”. Simply tap on it and your very own WhatsApp group link will be generated and you can share it with anyone who’s willing to join the group.

How can I join Whatsapp Group Without permission of Admin

WhatsApp group links related to their categories are provided above, there is no restriction on joining the group. All you need is to click on them and you will become a member of the group directly without any hustle.

Can you add yourself to a WhatsApp group

Yes, you can add yourself in any WhatsApp group as long as you have the WhatsApp group invite link of any specific group. You are just one click away by joining any WhatsApp group, the only condition is that the group links should not have revoked by group admins. This is done deliberately by admins to regulate the amount of people in the group.

How do I link a WhatsApp group to Facebook

If you want to redirect your audience to your WhatsApp group, simply generate your own WhatsApp group link and share it to the Facebook page. The users who are interested to join might click the link and can directly become a participant of the group. There’s a limit of 257 people joining the group, so you can make multiple groups for the same purpose and connect with the audience.

Final Verdict

At last, we have covered every category we could and we will be updating the current and latest WhatsApp group link 2020 for your was and comfort. Sometimes, group admins revoke the invite links to limit the number of people joining in the game and that’s why you won’t be able to join any WA group. We always keep an eye on such links and try to are, one them in case they are not accessible. Also, I am sure you will have lots of fun and entertainment in these groups, make sure you check all these categories and join as many groups as you wish. Visit Gbplus.net for more WhatsApp related tips and tricks.