NSWhatsApp 3D v8.95 APK Download | 2021 Latest Version

NSWhatsApp 3D v8.95 APK Download | 2021 Latest Version

You must be heard about WhatsApp Aero and it’s amazing features which is a popular mod of official WA. But before Aero WA, a 3D styled mod APK was released and was known as NSWhatsApp. There is a lot of uses of NSWhatsApp 3D which you will find in our article so keep reading until the end so that you will not miss any point.

NSWhatsApp is a popular mod APK which have a great role in terms of changing user interface, and so many privacy and security options. It is called a 3D styled edition mod because of its unique appearances among user interface. That’s why people loved it so well but when the time passed and new mod APKs started to release, people lost interest in NSWhatsApp. But after the new 3D styled update, NSWhatsApp is popular again.

What’s different about NSWhatsApp 3D

Unlike GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp where we don’t have many customizing features regarding User Interface, NSWhatsApp 3D is the best option if you want a beautiful UI and love looks of an application because you can customize it and make it as you wanted. There are a lot of features too like it provides better security and privacy options. Read the article down below to know about NSWhatsApp APK information, features, and make sure you don’t skip our final verdict.

NS WhatsApp 3D APK Info

APK NameNSWhatsApp3D
APK Version8.95
Required Android
Last Updated2 days ago

Features of NSWhatsApp 3D

NSWhatsApp 3D has not so many features like other mods but one thing is sure you will not lose your account using it. And it was made only for customizing the user interface. Features of NSWA 3D are:

  • Customization of the user interface like changing icons, notification icons and conversation bubbles, new fonts etc.
  • Privacy like hiding online status, hiding blue tick and second tick.
  • WhatsApp themes can be downloaded.
  • Auto-reply feature like WhatsApp Business.
  • Secure and Anti-ban MOD APK.
  • Backup & Restore feature is available.
  • Other features are also available.

Download NSWhatsApp 3D APK Latest Version

ns whatsapp

Download NSWhatsApp 3D Latest Version by tapping on the below button. Also, you can check other MOD APKs of WhatsApp and Instagram on our website. We provide the latest version of our APKs.

What’s New in the Latest Version

With the latest version of NSWhatsApp 3D APK, lots of new features arrive which makes the APK more useful. The new features are:

  • New emojis and stickers are now supported in NSWhatsApp 3D.
  • Base WhatsApp version is now updated to the latest version.
  • WhatsApp Group calls are now supported.
  • New themes and more customizing features.
  • Replying by swiping.
  • New icons and fonts.
  • More language support.
  • Privacy features are updated.

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NSWhatsApp 3D APK features explained



When we talk about Customizing the user interface it means, customizing icons, looks, buttons etc. NSWhatsApp 3D provides awesome customization feature which is not present in other WhatsApp mods except WhatsApp Aero. User can change fonts, notification icons, conversation bubbles, other icons etc. There can be so much fun using customization in NSWhatsApp 3D MOD APK.



A WhatsApp mod can be defined by the term privacy if there are no privacy features, then what’s the use of them. NSWhatsApp 3D provides so many privacy options like we can hide our last seen. We can hide our online status, writing or recording status, even we can hide the delivered tick as well as blue ticks. There is so much use of this in a WhatsApp mod and that’s why people use them. And so NSWhatsApp 3D is a better option if you want such features.



There are so many WhatsApp mods available right now on the internet but why choose NSWhatsApp 3D? Well, because of its security feature. NSWhatsApp will provide you best, secure and safe environment. You won’t be banned using it also, it’s fast and more customizable than other mods. Also, you can lock your chats with the inbuilt locker which will save you to read your chats by unwanted people. That’s why choosing a WhatsApp mod with better security options is a very good choice. What’s your opinion? Tell us in comments.

Backup & Restore

Backup & restore

Nowadays, the Backup & restore feature is considered to be very important because it helps us to retrieve our data in case of deletion. Well, many WhatsApp mods don’t have this feature but NSWhatsApp 3D does. You can backup your data whenever you want as well as restore the data. In case you don’t know how to backup and restore, you may comment us so that we can guide you accordingly. You can make a backup of your data and save it on your google drive, later that you can retrieve it whenever wanted.

Other features

Other features

NSWhatsApp 3D has some other features too which can make you fond of using it. These features are:

  • Auto-reply feature like WhatsApp Business.
  • Customized themes support.
  • Unique store for downloading themes, stickers etc.
  • New check styles.
  • New features unlocked for WhatsApp Groups.
  • Unique user interface.

The auto-reply feature is very popular nowadays as it comes to WhatsApp Business. With this, we can choose messages which can be sent to people if we aren’t available to message. This feature is not available in official WhatsApp as well as in some WA mods but in NSWhatsApp 3D.

Themes and sticker packs can be downloaded from the official store. Also, we can make our own themes and use them. New check-styles in conversation can be set. There are some unique features are unlocked for WhatsApp groups too. The special thing about NSWhatsApp is its user interface which makes it different than other WA mods.

Installation guide for NSWhatsApp 3D APK

To safely install the NSWhatsApp 3D APK, you should follow these easy steps unless you may fail to install the APK. Because the third-party apps or mods are not certified so they need some little effort to install on our devices. But don’t worry I am here to help you all out. Also, if you have information about these steps, you can skip this part and try to clear your questions about NSWhatsApp on our FAQ part. I hope it will help you.

Step 1 (Enable installation from unknown sources)

ns whatsapp

Before trying to install NSWA 3D APK on your device, your first step is to enable the installation from an unknown source. Because NSWA 3D is a third-party application and not present on the Appstore. Go to phone Setting>Security>Privacy>Unknown Sources>Enable installation.

Step 2 (Locate the APK)

latest ns whatsapp

After the first step, you can locate the downloaded file, which can be found on the location Storage>Downloads>NSWhatsApp 3D APK. If you can’t able to open the APK file, make sure you look at the name of the file. If the extension is different than .apk then change it to it. Now you can easily open and able to install that NSWA 3D APK on your devices.

Step 3 (Finish & Sign up)


The installation will be finished soon so you can open the APK and try to sign up. Fill your number and make an account. Now you can enjoy all the features of NSWhatsApp 3D APK. Make sure you check out the FAQ part and the final verdict.


Will I be banned using NSWhatsApp 3D?

Using most of the WhatsApp mods leads your account to a ban but NSWhatsApp 3D is used especially for customizing the user interface and that doesn’t violate the Official WhatsApp policies. As long as it doesn’t, you will not be banned from WhatsApp. But it’s good to use a temporary number for WhatsApp mods even if you will not be banned.

Can I use the Official WhatsApp and NSWhatsApp 3D on one device?

Yes, you can use both on the same device as long as you are using different numbers because it will be impossible to use both the apps using the same number same time. So you can check out NSWhatsApp 3D APK right now using a different number

Why do I use NSWhatsApp 3D APK?

There is no pressure Aye but if you like to enjoy some cool UI features and customization and you wish to use privacy features and without getting banned then NSWhatsApp 3D is a very good choice. Also, you will get the “auto-reply” feature using NSWA 3D which is present in WhatsApp Business. So what do you think?

Using NSWhatsApp 3D APK is safe?

Yes, even it’s a mod but it is safe from malware and viruses. Don’t afraid of using NSWhatsApp 3D APK. Also, we provide virus-free APKs on our website.

Can I use NSWhatsApp for iOS devices?

There is a very low chance of installing NSWhatsApp 3D on iOS devices as it’s a mod and specially developed for Android users. You can check out other mods like WhatsApp Plus which can be installed on iOS devices.

How will I update NSWhatsApp 3D APK?

If you are a WhatsApp mods user then you know how it feels to use old and slow versions of them. That’s why we provide the latest versions of WhatsApp mods as well as Instagram mods on our website without any cost. You can visit our website to update NSWhatsApp 3D APK.

Final Verdict

NSWhatsApp 3D APK is awesome if you like to edit or customize the user interface. It also provides other features like Auto-reply, status hiding and other cool privacy features. Using NSWhatsApp 3D will provide you with an anti-ban environment, unlike other WhatsApp mods. So what do you think about it? So download NSWhatsApp 3D APK Latest Version without wasting time by tapping on our download button. Also, make sure you visit our website for the latest updates.