?British prime minister tests positive for coronavirus, did the queen test positive too

?British prime minister tests positive for coronavirus, did the queen test positive too

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today, Friday, that he was infected with the Coronavirus, and less than two hours later, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock also announced that he had Corona and isolated himself at home. Johnson had met the Queen of Britain the last time in about 16 days.

“Over the past 24 hours, I have suffered from mild symptoms,” Johnson said in a video. “It was a positive corona test result.” Johnson’s symptoms included high fever and persistent coughing.

He added: “I am subject to self-isolation now, but I will continue to lead the government through a television circuit to combat this virus.”

He continued: “There is no doubt that, thanks to the magic of modern technology, I can continue to communicate with all of my best teams to lead the national war against the Corona virus.”

British Prime Ministe tests positive for coronavirus

For his part, a spokesman for the Prime Minister said that Johnson (55 years old) had minor symptoms, on Thursday, one day after he attended a weekly session to answer the questions of representatives in the House of Commons.

“The Prime Minister was examined for Corona on the advice of a senior government medical advisor, Chris Witte,” the spokesman said.

“The examination was conducted at the Prime Minister’s headquarters in Downing Street by two National Health Service workers, and the result of the examination was positive,” the spokesman added.
The government also made it clear that if Johnson was unable to work, he would be replaced by Secretary of State Dominic Rap.

British newspapers have reported that finance, justice and health ministers may isolate themselves after mixing with Johnson.

On its part, sources confirmed, that Johnson began feeling symptoms of the disease on Thursday, that is, one day after he participated in the weekly question session in Parliament, which raises questions about the extent of the virus in the British parliamentarian.

As for the Queen of Britain, she met Johnson last March 11, according to Buckingham Palace.

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Johnson personally met with some senior ministers and officials this week, and has appeared at press conferences alongside his top medical and scientific advisors.

Earlier this week, Prince Charles, the British crown prince, announced that he was infected with the virus.

It is noteworthy that, on Thursday, Britain recorded 115 deaths of the Corona virus within 24 hours, for the first time since the epidemic began.

The total number of deaths in the country has increased to 578, and infections from corona virus have reached 11,658.