A comparison between Signal messenger app and WhatsApp 2021

A comparison between Signal messenger app and WhatsApp 2021

Signal messenger and WhatsApp are among the most prominent chatting and social media applications around the world. In our article, we will explain in a comparison between Signal messenger and WhatsApp the most important differences and differences between them.

Users feared in 2014 that the notorious Facebook company acquired one of the largest chatting and social networking applications in the world, WhatsApp with an amount exceeding $ 16 billion at its time, as users feared that the company would use their data and information on the WhatsApp servers for the purposes of Facebook, What prompted many companies that secure and defend the privacy of users and their data to create applications that compete with WhatsApp that provide the same services, or at least similar services, with a higher level of security, and among these applications is the Signal application.

A comparison between Signal messenger app and WhatsApp

We will review the advantages of each application and the pros and cons that it contains, and during it we will compare between the Signal application and the WhatsApp application in different ways.

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Advantages of Signal messenger app

The application is extremely secure: some applications like Signal messenger offer services that encrypt data and information, such as the WhatsApp services of Facebook and the messaging service from Apple, while the rest of the applications such as the Messenger service from Facebbok or the messaging application Hangouts from Google do not perform the necessary encryption operations, which makes the data The user and his privacy are at risk, but Signal messenger surpasses these applications by encrypting all the information related to the messages, such as the identity of the person who sent it, meaning that the content of the message, its sender, and all information about it are completely safe and no one can access it except to whom the message was sent.

Signal messenger is an open source application. The fact that the Signal messenger is open source software encourages the user to trust all the security features that the developer claims, as the nature of the application allows anyone in the world with an adequate technological background to enter the source of the application, and to ensure the degree of security and encryption that it applies to Data sent through it.

And through a comparison between the Signal messenger and the WhatsApp application, we also note that the Signal application is distinguished by being affiliated with a non-profit company (a non-profit organization), where the application developers say that their goal of creating it is to secure the privacy of users primarily from hackers or companies that want to access this data. And information.

Signal messenger isSelf-delete messages: Signal messenger provides a feature that allows the user to completely delete a message or group of messages after it reaches the recipient’s mailbox five minutes after it reaches the recipient’s mailbox. The receiving party cannot retrieve the deleted message automatically even if it is not able to read it within the five minutes. Comparison between Signal messenger and WhatsApp.

Screen security feature: The user can activate this feature from the application settings, this feature prevents the rest of the applications installed on the device from entering the application to take a picture of the screen that may include parts of conversations or personal information of the user, to provide the greatest possible protection for him.

Encryption of voice communications: It is one of the important features when making a comparison between the Signal application and the WhatsApp application, as the Signal messenger when making any voice phone call generates a random number that no one can know, then this code is converted into two words that appear on the two mobile screens of the two parties to the call to make them By making sure that the two words match each other, if the two words match, then communication is safe, and if they do not match, it is usually best to call again to get two new words.

Advantages of Whatsapp application

WhatsApp has a massive number of users, over a billion users per month.

WhatsApp teamed up with the developer of Signal to develop the app’s data and message encryption system.

WhatsApp outperforms Signal in its many chat and communication features, such as GIFs and stickers.

WhatsApp allows users to see indicators of reading messages, and to know whether the other party is currently writing or not, in addition to the ability to mute some conversations and block contacts, and identify the media that is downloaded automatically, these services are among the prominent features when making a comparison between the Signal application and the WhatsApp application .

WhatsApp allows users to send voice memos, modify application notifications, and send the user’s location, and the WhatsApp version of the IOS operating system allows audio to read messages that reach the user through Apple’s voice assistant called Siri.

WhatsApp allows users to create groups for group chat with a user number of up to 256 subscribers, which makes it an ideal social media application for users of medium and small companies, who can use the application as a platform for communication between all workers within it.

The application is available on many operating systems, especially mobile operating systems, where versions are available for Android devices, IOS, and even Windows Phone devices, and a version of the application is available for desktop and laptop browsers, but it needs authentication with the mobile in order to work.