Download GB WhatsApp v15.41.1 [Latest Version] for Android

Download GB WhatsApp v15.41.1 [Latest Version] for Android

Whatsapp gb 2021 gb whatsapp

Many problems encountered WhatsApp GB users during the previous period, and among the most prominent of these problems was a halt in all versions; Where the developer was exposed to many problems with the company that owns WhatsApp, and because many people use WhatsApp GB, the matter has been skipped and all the problems faced by users have been resolved, and through our article this we will explain everything related to WhatsApp GB.

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Whatsapp GB 2021:

gb whatsapp WhatsApp GB surprises all WhatsApp GB users that it does not work in all its versions, due to a procedure taken by the WhatsApp company to block all versions of WhatsApp cloned and developed, but the developer responsible for WhatsApp GB called “Breathe Hwak” launched a new version 6.95, and this version was launched on Considering that the blocking problem facing users has been overcome, but using the copy it was found that this problem has not been overcome.

The responsible developer issued another version to solve the temporary ban problem that users are exposed to, but the problem has not been completely resolved, while in the latest version, which carries the number 7.25, it was found that the temporary ban problem that users are exposed to has been overcome through WhatsApp.

Features of GB WhatsApp GB version 8.00:

  • Enable stop opening messages that were hidden after pressing whatsapp.
  • The ability to view conversations in a specific order, from newest to oldest and vice versa.
  • The version allows its users to add new icons and fonts.
  • Through the applications of the Google Play Store, the user can add many stickers to WhatsApp.
  • The ability to put 30 conversations in install mode instead of only 25.
  • Language modifications and fixes for language problems that were present in the user’s Oreo versions and above.
  • Fix problems displaying received messages.
  • Work to fix the problems that users face when responding to a number of people at the same time, and the sudden stop they are exposed to while choosing a person to respond to it.

Features Download gb whatsapp in general:

  • The ability to send a group of pictures and video clips of different sizes, as the photo or video space is allowed to be 50 MB.
  • The ability to send a large number of pictures at one time; Where 90 images can be sent at once.
  • Enable the Do not show that the user is online now.
  • The possibility of not showing the blue microphone in the original WhatsApp.
  • The ability to send a message to a group of people at one time, without the person having to send the message to each person.
  • Through the application, and by pressing (Hide Online Status), you can use the program without a friend knowing that the user is online, nor determining the time of the last appearance for you.
  • By clicking on the option (Hide Blue Ticks), the user can play the blue tick that appears next to the messages, so that the other party knows whether or not you have read the message.

These previous features are not available in the original app; As the original WhatsApp application allows people to communicate, make voice calls, communicate with friends by sending text messages, and sending a number of pictures at once, but the number of pictures does not exceed 10, through the application it is possible to send video clips, exchange emojis and other things all of this is provided without paying any fees .

General information about WhatsApp GB:

The application is available on the (Google Play) store, it is available for Android systems, and it works on all smart phones.

Program size: 53 MB.

The application supports Arabic and English.

It provides all its services 100% free of charge, and does not need root.

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