Download PUBG NEW State for Android for free (direct link)

Download PUBG NEW State for Android for free (direct link)

PUBG NEW STATE is a Battle Royale shooting game created by PUGB Studios. The game is released on mobile devices (iOS and Android). The new country is a continuation of the first part of the PUGB. Events this time take place in 2051, years after the events of its predecessor.

This is a new battle royale with a new map. 100 survivors will fight for first place. Developers promise ultra-realistic graphics and superb image thanks to world-class lighting technology. We will also equip a huge open world – 8 x 8 km maps. Players will have access to combat rosters, drones, and other high-tech items. However, the actions of the new segment will take place in the future (more specifically – 2051), which means that the rumors are correct.

Download PUBG NEW State

Pubg new state game , also known as PUBG Mobile 2.0, is a battle royale game coming from Krafton. Like the previous version, PUBG: New State will be a battle royale game where 100 players will enter the island in search of survival. Good news for PUBG fans – pre-registration for PUBG Mobile New State is already available on Google Play Store. At the same time, iOS users will also be able to register in the future.

More about downloading pubg new state

The game takes place in the year 2051 on a new map called Troi, which takes place years after the current PUBG games (the events take place today), and promises to bring in many weapons and vehicles in the near future, such as drones and deployable battle shields …

New State represents the third battle royale game under the PUBG umbrella – although unlike its mobile cousin PUBG Mobile, New State will be developed by PUBG Studio, the company behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the PC and console version of the original game. Despite its mobile nature, PUBG Studio promises “ultra-realistic graphics that push the boundaries of mobile gaming.”

PUBG New State game

Where the responsible for the game PUBG New State has updated it, by adding some modifications and fixes in the form of a new version for it on all Android phones through the Play Store.

Its downloading has become much more flexible and fast than before.

What is the game PUBG NEW State ?

The game PUBG New State is one of the largest free online war and electronic games in the world, which includes a lot of (maps, battlefields, and various weapons) of multiple sizes. Where the game is based on the work of different teams with the aim of group play.

Once you enter the game dear, you will be among a group of players not exceeding 99 players on Troi Island .

All you have to do is eliminate all of them until one player or team remains steadfast on the battlefield.

And all this through the use of future weapons, which are represented in (combat shields, aircraft, confronting the other team (the enemy), storming the blue zone) so as not to lose the battle.

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How to download the game:

  • Download 2051 pubg new state on Android devices:

Dear user, you can download the Peggy New State game with all smart devices that support the Android system, but taking into account some notes for Android devices.

  1. Mind n game size it was great.
  2. It is preferred that the Android device has special specifications represented by Android 6.0 as a minimum or 2.5 GB of RAM as a maximum.
  • Download PUBG NEW STATE apk download only on iPhone:

Where the company made an announcement apologizing for not updating the game of PUBG for all iOS users in a version that is not available at this time.

However, the company issued a special statement with several details in which it stated that it will be available soon, taking into account the conditions of download and the requirements of the device. The capabilities of the phone should be high and with a newer version as well.

image of pubg new state: pubg new state

  • Download the game PUBG New State Download 2051 pubg new state on the computer:

So if we want to talk about how to download the game on all computers.

It is somewhat different from smart phone devices, which we list to you, dear user, with the following steps :

  1. Download simulators for Android via the Internet, as we previously covered a detailed article about the 14 best lightweight Android game simulators, so you can choose the most suitable for you.
  2. Also, try the chosen emulator, run any application, then exit directly by clicking on the F9 button on the keyboard
  3. Choose the browser you want to use from the application store on your computer.
  4. Search for the new version.
  5. Finally, press the download button for the game on its release date, as account registration for the game is available at the current time.

Features of downloading PUBG New State:

  • It is considered one of the best action games in the world for the past and current year.
  • The game is very entertaining and fun with friends, relatives and family members.
  • It also has super graphics that make you feel realistic while playing that it exceeds the limits of other phones with modern lighting technology.
  • This game has all the various futuristic weapons available, in a distinct feature that helps players win battles and achieve the desired goals by themselves through modern customization groups.
  • It also has many new sets of weapons and aircraft.
  • Designing a complete modernization of all shapes and sizes of cars as if they were completely on the ground.
  • It supports a large modern 8 * 8 km map.
Free download PUBG Mobile New State for Android soon